Video Gallery

If you have any photos or videos to share with the club you can post them on our blog or send them to me with Dropbox. If you do not have Dropbox yet, install it from this link and get an extra 500MB of free data storage.Please include a description with each one.

Joe Nall 2014 ~ Day 1
2014 E-Fest Highlights
Bob's BIG Cub
Ron's T-Rex 550
Tony's Quad Chasing a Plane
350 QX Quad
SU-31 First Flight
SU-31 Second Flight
Bob Flying a Paraglider
Corey's Plane with FPV
Corey's Quad
Maiden flight of Tony's Hotz with an Evolution .60NX
Jim's Bixler
Brad's Batwing FPV of the field
Lawnmower Joe
The Man Song
Squirrel Steals Airplane
Tired of driving grandma around? Get her a Granny Copter! Granny Copter







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