Fun Fly Games
Bomb Drop

The simple bomb drop requires you to build some 'holders' in advance. I have a set I built some time ago that I still use. 2" square lite plywood, with a hole in the center, supporting a glued on dowel about 3" tall, with a slightly sharpened top (just a taper not a point). Using rubber bands (or tape), it’s simple to temporarily attach it to contestants planes. Mounting points are usually just before CG, in front of a canopy etc. Can be anywhere.

Bombs are large nuts (like used on Minute-to-Win-it.... ½"?) with small sections of streamer attached (makes it easier to find the nuts when they miss the runway). Simply put the bolt onto the base that is attached to the plane and allow them to take off at will. The pilot is tasked to drop the bomb over a bulls-eye type target. You can assign scoring points as you please.

You can have as many drops as you want per pilot; my usual is 3 drops then off to the next pilot in line. Makes the event have a good 'pace', with three 'holders' the next pilots in line can get ready. Scoring ties are resolved with a single, sudden death 'drop off' where they go again. Dropping the bomb happens when the pilot approaches the target at a speed they want, then a short, quick dive of the plane causes the nut to 'rise off' the stand. The plane flies away before the nut falls, and it is fairly easy to predict the fall trajectory if the pilot is constant in speed when making the drop.

A fun event that requires a little prep, by making the 'kit' of holders, nuts with streamers, you can have a fun game of "nuts away" on any runway.

Loops Aloft

Another easy event. Take off, pilot has 1 minute to do as many loops as possible. 1 Point for each completed loop. BE AS TOUGH AS YOU WANT on what a "loop" is. Tell pilots how 'strict' you are going to be with loops. If they start to get sloppy, (sideways, wings not flat etc.) simply don't score them.

Scoring: 1 Point per loop, INSIDE OR OUTSIDE.

Scoring Twist: 2 points for outside loops.

Game Twist: Do not tell the pilot the time. Loops under a minute count, loops OVER a minute subtract from total.


Simple enough, go UNDER a ribbon. Using crepe paper streamers, (because you want it to be able to be cut by a prop) create a span that the pilots must go under. Scoring by the foot, with the lowest part high enough for ALL contestants to get the top score (meaning, don’t make the lowest point 1 foot off the ground if there are models that sit higher than that entered!) Pilots get three passes to get score, and they tell the judge what height they want to go under. Works very well with two human assistants holding the ribbon at the edges of the runway instead of poles, allows for faster height adjustment. Poles do work however!

Scoring bonus: 2x the points for inverted passes.

Scoring Twist: Ribbon cuts cause -3 point deduction, -6 if inverted.

Scoring Foul: No points awarded if the plane touches the ground.

100 Yard Dash

This event is usually pretty darn fun. How fast can you go without taking off?
With two marks (start line and finish line) all you need is a stop watch and someone to be the timer.
Pilot stands at the airplane, timer stands at the finish line with stopwatch. Timer gives the 'go' signal to pilot, who races down the line. Fastest time without taking off wins.  Scoring: Finish time determines place.
Note: Pilot is allowed to take off and circle the field for landing Event Suggestion: Combine the 100 yard dash to a spot landing contest since pilots will most likely need to take off at the end of the dash (unless you have real long runways).

Spot landing

Try to touch wheels on a designated spot on the runway.


How many loops over a 1 minute period.

Timed flight

Take off -start clock - land in 60 seconds without the pilot looking at his watch.

Bean Carry

A cup is attached to the plane and is filled with 15 beans. Most beans remaining after landing is the winner.

Egg Drop

A cup is attached to plane and a plastic egg filled with flour is put into cup. Pilot takes off and tries to drop egg closest to marked spot on runway.

Two Minute Touch & Go

Most T&G’s in 2 minutes wins.


Shortest time to perform one complete roll, inside loop and outside loop wins.

Mystery Spot Landing

Can be done for prizes, or score. 3 Prizes is great fun.  Get three (or more) paper plates, write the prize or put a score on it. Put plates at random, separated places on runway. Contestants get a chance to do a 'spot landing' as near to, or on the available plates. Once a plate is scored, pilots choose to either better the score at that plate (getting nearer) or choosing another plate.

AFTER all the landings are done, the plates are revealed. Multiple bulls-eye hits are done in a single landing shoot off. Strategy is paying attention to what plate has already been landed to very close or on, and choosing a different plate.


Contestants must be able to 'hover' an airplane. Two classes, foamy and other. It’s not fair to hover a foamy against a larger model, they are different beasts.

Basically you get 5 or so contestants to the flight line. Each must have a 'spotter'. It helps to re-arrange the spotters, so friends are not spotting for friends.

Everyone gets airborne and the judge gives a 30 second 'begin to hover' command. Pilots get 30 seconds to set up for hover, or begin. Judge calls 15 seconds to hover, then 10, and then count down from 5. Any pilot not in hover is out.

Hover consists of not exceeding 45 degrees from off vertical in any direction, and not climbing more than a plane length before stopping.

Depending on number of Pilots, & Planes, can be done in single or multiple rounds. Hover until last man, or until the number you want to move into a 'final'.

Keep event to 5 minutes or so, makes it exciting, and allows for battery changes if need be

Balloon pop

Helium balloons at the far end of the field at different heights and see who can pop them ,use fine cotton thread to hold them in place.

Climb & Glide

Set time to take off, gain as much altitude as possible, and then when time is up you cut your engine. Whoever has the LONGEST time in the air before "landing" wins.

Touch & Go

One could be a touch and go using a circle on the runway. You have to touch down in the circle and take off. You miss it and you are out. This would be a quick one to do.

Balls of Steel

Pilot is given a set given time to climb and trim his aircraft. Pilot then sets it on a table and a timer starts.

Pilot is not allowed to touch the transmitter. Time ends when pilot touches TX.

Assign points.